IT by Stephen King Book Review

This was probably my favorite Stephen King book and it shows Stephen King’s talents as a writer. It will draw you in and attach you to the action with the ingenious use of plot and lively charters. With vivid descriptions of each scene that makes you fell like your part of the action.

The beginning starts innocent enough with a boat made from newspaper floating into a rain filled storm drain after a flood. But something was wrong something was very wrong. The small town of Derry, Maine in the summer of 1958 was inhabited by something, something that feed on the town’s children. was a shape shifter that would form itself into the worst fears of the children but its favorite shape was that of a clown.

would prey on the innocent children and their fears before finally devouring their bodies. However, this summer would be different. Seven teenage children who were considered losers by the other children escaped its evil clutches and would stand together and face the horror that lived in the sewers and kill it. The seven children made a vow that year, sealed in blood, to return if it returned.

Twenty eight years later when the clown suddenly reappeared after a boy was pushed off a bridge by two other boys. They would all have to return to Derry, Maine to fulfill their vows and the final showdown. But one was driven to suicide after knowing that he could not face the evil again or return to Derry with the other six to fulfill his oath. The story flips between the summer of 1958, when they had confronted the evil and now when a single phone call sends turns their worst fears into reality as the evil has returned to Derry, Maine.

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