Cycle of the Werewolf by Stephen King Book Review

If one were just beginning to read the works of Stephen King and, as such, chose as their first King fiction, they might be a bit confused as to why so many people adore the work of Stephen King. It’s not that is a bad book.

To the contrary, it bridges the worlds of literature, pulp and art quite well. However, it’s more so a work that a fan already familiar with King’s work would enjoy than that of a late night read.

originally began as a calendar. That’s right. A calendar. Illustrated by comic book artist, Berni Wrightson, each month was to contain one illustration by the artist and a short, almost flash fiction, piece by King.

As is the case with many writers, King couldn’t contain his writings to only five hundred words and before long, the project became the book we now know as . A compilation of short stories that differs from other compilations such as Night Shift and Skeleton Crew in that all stories surround the same event in the same location.

Like Creepshow before it, Cycle of the Werewolf is complimented by the art work of a talented comic artist and brings to life a story that might otherwise be categorized as forgettable. The story itself surrounds the non-existent, yet charming town of Tarker’s Mills, Maine – a state that has much to owe to King in the ways of literary based tourism.

Taking a cue from classic werewolf based horror films, the town soon becomes the playground of the maniacal beast which no one can seemingly stop. It’s formula, but it’s fun albeit confusing sometimes. As the chapters read as short stories instead of actual chapters, some readers might find themselves wishing for a more all encompassing story.

is still a fun read and fans of the genre will have as much fun with the accompanying illustrations as with the story itself.

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